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Ukraine: Agromars will construct 6 poultry plants

Ltd. Complex Agromars, one of the largest poultry producers in Ukraine (TM Gavrilivsky Kurchata is launching 4 poultry plants in Kiev region. Press-service of the company informs.

At present 4 poultry plants housing 650,000 birds are being launched. In addition 6 more poultry plants are being built. All facilities are located in Vyshgorod district of Kiev region. The company does not announce the amount of sums invested into these projects.  

Also the company informs that in February 2011 the poultry plant will run the first line of a new processing shop for slaughter and poultry processing with production capacity of 10,000 heads per hour. The poultry processing shop has modern equipments which allow processing, slaughtering, eviscerating, cooling, cutting and packaging.    

Information on the company:
Ltd. Complex Agromars, one of the largest poultry producers in Ukraine was founded in 1998.

Complex Agromars is a vertically integrated holding company, which covers all stages of production: growing crops, fodder production, raising of poultry, meat processing and selling it through own franchising outlet Gavrilovsky Kurchata. 

The main facility is located at village Gvrilovka, Vyshgorod district of Kiev region.

Ltd. Comlex Agromars includes facility in Brovar region, in Kagarlyksky region, experiential feed plant in Borispol region, feed plant in kiev region, Ltd. Kurgan Broiler.

Source:  www.emeat.ru

Translated by: usapeec.kz


Date: 3 February 2011

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